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NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT Scroll down below to answer preliminary questions Please fill out the information listed below to begin the enrollment process.  If your student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), please contact our office at 316-218-4470 before filling out the information below.     read more

2014-2015 Information Sessions

Andover eCademy will begin hosting Information Sessions in April and May.  There will be elementary and secondary sessions led by Principal Mark Templin or Director Shannon Fisher.  These sessions are designed to answer any questions you might have and familiarize prospective parents and students with how we operate.   . . . read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual school? At Andover eCademy students take self-paced, online classes with certified teachers. Lessons are designed to move at the student's own pace.  Why is Andover eCademy referred to as a "blended" program? Our blended learning program provides the best of both worlds.  Students can . . . read more

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