Parents of returning students can sign into PowerSchool and follow 3 steps to enroll for the 2014-2015 school year.  NEW STUDENTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED "NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT FOR 2014-2015" AND HAVE RECEIVED STUDENT ACCESS CODES, COMPLETE THIS TO FINALIZE ENROLLMENT.  FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE LETTER OR EMAIL YOU RECEIVED. CLICK HERE  for PowerSchool Parent Sign On . . . read more

One of the Reasons Students Choose Andover eCademy

Kaylee Mellot is a high school student with very high goals...and the motivation to reach them.  She is leading the Youth Nation in the Horsemanship and Western Riding.  She has a goal to win the Quarterhourse Youth World and to win an equestrian scholarship to a Big 12 school. Andover eCademy offers high achievers like . . . read more

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