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Senior Video!!

We have some amazing students here at eCademy! Sistine McKown from Hutchinson is one of our brightest. She was recently named a top 4 finalist in the NASA Lunabotics Junior Contest out of thousands of entries.

Her design Athena the Navigator is a solar-powered, astronaut-controlled rover. She has a corkscrew digging device that extends and gathers regolith then contracts, keeping regolith stored inside. She has a movable arm with an electron beam that repels lunar dust. She has an aluminum-titanium alloy body, and thermal glass surrounds the electronics. Outside the glass, a Kevlar cover provides extra protection. Athena has airless tires with several-hundred steel wires woven into a mesh-like material that provide traction. Additionally, the wheels have the feature of shape memory. On the front are two sensors that detect the smoothness of the regolith, which makes Athena go faster or slower. She has another sensor on the corkscrew digger that observes if the digger is full. If it is, a weight will move to the back to prevent Athena from tipping, otherwise, the weight will move to the middle of the body.


Mobile eCafe

Mobile eCafe

Join Mrs. Poage & Hope at our mobile eCafe locations. . . .

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eCafe will be closed 2/14 & 2/15

eCafe will be closed 2/14 & 2/15

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Our Vision

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