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Middle School

Our Middle School team is passionate about providing a rich and interactive curriculum for our students.  We strive to create meaningful opportunities for student learning not only in our online courses but through face-to-face interactions as well.  

  • We use an online program called Buzz, which includes all of the materials your student will need.  Though most assignments can be completed online, occasionally you may need traditional school and art supplies, most of which are probably already in your house! You are welcome to use a home computer, or you may use the Chromebook provided by eCademy. Science materials are also available for checkout. Materials for supplemental activities during in-house days will be provided by eCademy.

  • We offer various blended learning opportunities to fit the needs of your student and your family schedule.

    In-House Days:  In-house days are structured similarly to a typical school day, and teachers lead lessons in each of the core subject areas.  Students can come to our school from 9:00-2:00 and can expect to participate in core subject lessons, science labs, and PE. Students (and teachers!) love in-house days as they are a great way to develop peer relationships while also receiving additional teaching and support in their classes.

    Field Trips:  We take 4-6 field trips per year.  This is a great opportunity for students to meet new friends and explore the greater Wichita museums and attractions!  In the past, we have gone to Exploration Place, Sedgwick County Zoo, the Aviation Museum, The Museum of World Treasures, and more!

  • All lessons are self-guided through Buzz. Teachers set a pacing guide (due dates) for all of the lessons and assignments. Teachers add additional projects, videos, and alternative assessments to enrich the curriculum.  All written work, projects, and assignments are teacher graded. Parents and learning coaches are responsible for checking in with students daily on their progress, setting goals, and offering academic support from home. Teachers are always available to work with a student on difficult concepts, provide additional support to students and parents, and answer any questions regarding the curriculum.

  • English, Math, and Social Studies are provided by Lincoln Learning Solutions.  Teachers have the ability to modify assignments and add in their own content as well such as Kansas History.  Science uses Mosa Mack for the curriculum, but all four core courses are embedded within Buzz, our learning management system.  Elective courses are either teacher-authored or eDynamic courses. 

Contact Information

Andover eCademy
1411 N. Main
Andover, Kansas 67002

8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Phone: 316-218-4470
Fax: 316-218-4473