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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Q:  What do I do if I cannot log on to Connexus?

A:  It is probably an Internet connection issue.  Try a different web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.  If you cannot get onto the Internet at all, it is an issue with your provider so please contact them.


Q:  What if my Internet is working, but I still cannot log on to Connexus? 

A:  Contact our office at eCademy at 316.218.4470.  


Q:  When are Live Lessons?

A:  All regular Live Lessons are noted on the elementary family calendars. Please look in your student’s planner for the scheduled times. 

Because Live Lessons are taught in small groups depending on need, your student’s time may alter throughout the year.

If your child has an Intervention Plan or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), your student’s teacher may set up a one-on-one Live Lesson time with your student.  This would be in addition to his/her regularly scheduled Live Lessons.


Q: What is the Lesson Coach Guide?

A: The Lesson Coach Guide is your teacher’s manual that provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to teach each lesson.  The guide provides you with a script of what to say during the lesson, questions to ask your student, activities to do with your student, and ideas on what to do if your child needs remediation or enrichment on a particular skill. 

The Learning Coach Guide can only be accessed from your log in and cannot be seen under the students log in information.  It is essential to use the Learning Coach Guide to ensure that you are teaching your child all that needs to be taught in each lesson.


Q:  How much help should I give my student?

A:  In order for learning to occur, students must have opportunities for both success and failure.  As learning coaches and teachers, we want to coach them so they can solve problems independently, but we do not want to enable them by assisting them so much that they lack the confidence to perform on their own. 

If a child is comfortable enough with a concept, they will do fine on assessments.  If they do not do well on an assessment, use it as a time for a “teachable” moment. Help them go find the correct answers and review the assessed concepts.  Help them learn from their mistakes.

Assessments including tests and quizzes should be done independently without guidance from the learning coach. In Kindergarten and First Grade, it is acceptable to read your student the questions and answer choices, but please do not assist your student in choosing the correct answer.  If you are providing your student with guidance during assessments, the teachers are not able to get a clear picture of what your student can and cannot do.

It is difficult for us as teachers to identify a learning issue when a student is making straight A’s on the Connexus curriculum but showing signs of struggling on eCademy assessments and/or teacher observations.  There should not be a discrepancy in a student’s grades in Connexus compared to eCademy assessments and teacher observations.  We are here to help you in educating your child.  Please communicate with us if you see your child struggling.


Q:  Can I log attendance for field trips and/or club activities?

A:  No, only log attendance for core curriculum work your student is completing.  If your student comes in for extra assistance, Math Monday, Writing Wednesday, In House days, or any other learning activity, then you may count that time.  Otherwise, only document their time in the four main core courses (language arts, math, social studies, science).  First-fifth grade students must complete 4-6 hours of work 5 days per week.  Kindergarten students must complete 2-3 hours of work 5 days per week as our kindergarten curriculum is a half-day program.


Q:  What do I do about lessons on In House days?

A:  Lessons will still be scheduled for In House days, but feel free to spread the In House day lessons out throughout the week so students are not stressed out about “making up” the time.  In House days are encouraged, as these are great opportunities for small group instruction, social interaction, etc.


Q: Do we get teacher inservice days off?

A: Your student will have lessons scheduled on teacher inservice days; however, if you would like to work ahead and take the inservice days off, you are welcome to do so. At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, we surveyed parents, and most parents wanted lessons scheduled on teacher inservice days. 

Teachers will be unavailable for emails and phone calls on inservice days. 


Q:  Do we get snow days off?

A:  Everybody loves a snow day, but your child has the luxury of having everything available at their home.  If your student is on track, feel free to take a day off and enjoy.  Otherwise, students are encouraged to continue to work and get caught up. 

Teachers will not be available for emails or phone calls on snow days as we work from a brick and mortar building.


Q:  What if my student is struggling?

A:  Try to determine what specifically your child is struggling with; is it certain math concepts, motivation, behavior issues, reading comprehension, etc?  Make sure to always review concepts, and feel free to review a lesson before taking a quiz or test.  COMMUNICATE with your teacher; it’s why we are here.  We can start with some ideas which may lead into specific interventions to determine if something else is going on.