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A Look Inside the Curriculum

Most parents want to take a look inside the curriculum to better understand both the student and parent experience of becoming a virtual student.

6th-8th Grade: Pearson Connexus (PCX)

Pearson Connexus provides standards-based courses in which students work independently and sequentially through the courses guided by both system- and teacher-generated feedback and grading. Teachers monitor student performance and differentiate instruction to support student learning.

6th-12th Grade: eCademy

In 2018, our Secondary teachers also began working on writing their own curriculum. Select courses are being implemented this school year with more curriculum writing scheduled to take place in the summer of 2019.


The Middle school team has created a Google Site to serve as a nest where their families may return as they navigate the school year together. We encourage you to have a look around.



Learning Coach Corner

In the Coaches Corner, teachers post videos and tutorials for parents, giving the tools they need to support t