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Computer Applications



Word Module 1 Objectives and Key Vocab

At the end of this chapter students will know how to:

  • Insert digital pictures in a Word document
  • Format pictures and use the picture gallery
  • Add art borders to a document
  • Create bullets using clipart
  • Learn how to balance text and graphics using the Spacing Before and After features
  • Apply text effects
  • Learn the screen parts of the Word screen


Week of February 17th

Monday: No School.

Tuesday: Start building the WM1 Project, Surf Flyer.

Wednesday: Work on Surf Flyer.

Thursday: Print Surf Flyer, start Apply 1-1.

Friday: Finish Apply 1-1.

Week of February 10th:

Monday: Our Virus PowerPoints our due today. Students will take the gallery walk and view PowerPoints created by their classmates. They will be filling in a participation sheet recording 2 facts about each virus presented.

Tuesday: We start Word Module 1 today. This is a chapter for kids because they will learn how to create flyers. The flyers will use several different types of picture styles, picture outlines and effects. They will learn about a lot of fun things they can do to pictures using Word. We will start with taking the pretest over Word Module 1 today. Students are training for items missed.

Wednesday: Students will need to be ready to take the Post test tomorrow.

Thursday: Sams test over Word Module 1 at the beginning of the hour, then make valentines with extra time.

Friday: No school, inservice.


Week of February 3rd

Monday: Inservice.

Tuesday: Intro virus unit.

Wednesday: Working on virus project.

Thursday: Working on virus project.

Friday: Working on virus project.

Week of January 27th

Monday: Students worked on 2 hierarchies today, the first one was building a hierarchy of their daily schedule, the other was choosing 3 favorite restaurants.

Tuesday: Students created their own hierarchy from scratch and reviewed for a production test over file management tomorrow.

Wednesday: Students will take the production test tomorrow over file hierarchies.

Thursday: We will review the Windows Start screen and the File Explorer screen parts. We will take a quiz over these tomorrow. Today we will look at different ways to display files in their File Explorer and then give kids time to customize their Google Drives.

Friday: We will begin a mini unit today over viruses.


Week of January 20th


Monday: Inservice, nothing for you.

Tuesday: Today we will take the SAM pretest and train for Windows 10.

Wednesday: Students will continue to train today and take the Windows 10 Post Test.

Thursday: Students will get in groups of 4 and put together definitions with terms to define the Windows 10 Start Screen. We will also begin learning the File Explorer screen.

Friday: We will begin creating a hierarchy today over our favorite movie stars. We will save 3 movies in the movie star’s folder our class chooses as their favorite. We will move, copy, rename files and folders, create a Word document to save in the correct folder. Students will be encouraged to apply this new learning to their Google Drive files and folders.

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