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Advanced Computer Applications



Word Module 5

Using a Template to Create a Resume and
Sharing a Finished Document 

By the end of this module, students will know how to:

  • Use a template to create a document
  • Personalize a document template
  • Customize theme fonts
  • Create and modify a style
  • Insert a building block
  • Save a Word document as a PDF file
  • Edit a PDF file
  • Run compatibility checker
  • Enable others to access a document on OneDrive
  • Send a Word document using email
  • Send a Word document as a webpage
  • Format text as a hyperlink


Week of February 17

Monday: No school.


Tuesday: Students took a WM5 Production Test over applying templates. They were creating a calendar and an invitation for an event on their calendar.

Wednesday: Finish WM5 Production Test. Students began Mail Merges today. They are going to take the WM6 Pretest and train today.

Thursday: Pretest and train for Mail Merges.

Friday: Post test today over Mail Merges.


Week of February 10th

Monday: Yazzie Resume is due today. Students will begin working on the assignments in the back of the chapter to fine-tune their learning. I assigned Apply 5-1 and Lab 1.

Tuesday: Continue Apply 5-1 and Lab 1.

Wednesday: Apply 5-1 is due today, Lab 1 can still be worked on tomorrow. I added an assignment to us today because about half the class is finished with their previous assignments for Module 5. We are going to MindTap to open Project 1. This is a great learning tool for students because they get immediate reinforcement when they finish these projects. They can correct, then resubmit 2 times. The last copy they submit is recorded in the grade book.

Thursday: Our chapter is all about templates. Today is a catch up day for those who have been sick, and a Valentines Day for those caught up.

Friday: No school, inservice day.


Week of February 3rd

Monday: Finish the production test for Word Session 4.

Tuesday: Introduction to Session 5. Students learned about the things that cause resumes to get tossed the feastest, went to to see all they recommend on resumes. We especially looked at the things that will get their resume tossed quickly, the number one reason was grammatical mistakes. Students found the template they need to use, we took the pretest and training over Session 5.


Wednesday: SAM test over Session 5. Begin building resume in the book for Yazzie.


Thursday: Continue working on Yazzie resume.


Friday: Continue Yazzie resume.


Week of January 27th

Monday: Students are doing a more difficult sales proposal today. It is for a coffee company, they have to follow a list of required items and also call out boxes. They have to cross check a bit. This one is a bit challenging.

Tuesday: Students are continuing to work on Java Junction.

Wednesday: Java Junction is due today, students will also do Word Chapter 4 Projects 1 and 2. These are graded by the computer and provide immediate reinforcement. It tells them what they have done wrong, and they can correct and resubmit up to 3 times.

Thursday: Students are working on Projects 1 and 2.

Friday: Today we will take the production test over Word Chapter 4.



Week of January 20th


Monday: Inservice, no school.


Tuesday: Finish Animal Clinic Proposal, due today.


Wednesday: Students are peer editing each other’s Animal Clinic Sales Proposal. Assign tables  Apply 4-1 which is a review over tables, and Extend 4-1 which requires students to draw a table from scratch using the pencil tool.


Thursday: Apply 4-1 and Extend 4-1 are both due today. They should be printed and turned in to homework table. If time, start Lab 1 on page 249.


Friday: Table Extend 4-1 deadline was extended through today. Continue working on the Lab 4-1, Java Junction.