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Elementary School


Andover eCademy Elementary Program

Elementary students require a solid foundation of knowledge to support future learning. Our elementary program is designed to engage students in learning and promote success from an early age. We utilize both Little Lincoln and eCademy written curriculums that align with state standards and serve as an effective alternative to public school or homeschool curriculum.

Our courses help students gain the knowledge and thinking skills they’ll need for life, work, and higher education. At each grade level, we offer lessons in the core subjects: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

We also understand the importance of offering course electives to give students a well-rounded educational experience. Our electives cover a wide range of topics from learning a foreign language, mastering the skills of daily living, to appreciating the arts.


We provide all the texts, lesson plans, and materials—everything you need for a high-quality learning experience at home. Most curriculum content for the younger grades is in print, supplemented with online content. As your student advances through virtual elementary school, more of the content is delivered online with support by printed materials.

Blended Learning Opportunities

In addition to the online curriculum, students are invited to attend in-house days at our Andover campus several times a month.  This is a time for students to gather together for cooperative learning and social interaction with their peers and teachers.  In addition to the in-house days, students participate in live lessons. During a live lesson, students engage in small group video lessons set up much like a video conference call. This gives teachers and students the opportunity to collaborate together in their learning from home.



Our lessons provide detailed directions and instruction, guiding the student through the coursework. Lessons are accessible online, through our Learning Management System, and many also are provided in print. Lessons incorporate many online and offline resources, including textbooks, tutorials, online instructional videos, and other materials.

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